Potential Curators

*This is an incomplete list of frequently asked questions for people interested in becoming a curator. If you are thinking of curating @hellofrmsg but have further questions, feel free to email to hellofrmsg[at]gmail.com or buzz the admin @cakesauce.


Can I curate?
Yes of course – you’re welcome to curate as long as you are based in Singapore, or if you are a Singaporean overseas. You must have a publicly-accessible Twitter handle, or a private handle that the admin has access to.

I am a former curator. Can I curate again?
Yes you can – just indicate in the application form! At present, we only allow one repeat curation so as to let new curators have their chance too.

I represent a brand account. Can my brand curate on @hellofrmsg?
At present, it is preferred that you apply to curate on @hellofrmsg on your personal account, instead of the brand account. However, you can definitely talk about what you do for your brand and what your brand does. You can also interact with your brand and, even better – let the people of your brand account know and get them to participate in your discussions!

Do I need to show my face or use my real name?
It is encouraged that you show your face on the profile pic, but if you have to obscure your identity for various reasons, do it creatively.

I am a civil/public servant. Can I curate?
Civil/public servants are welcome to curate, but if you intend to talk about things related to the course of your work, you may wish to seek clearance with your superiors before you apply. A rule of thumb: do not reveal business/state secrets.


Can I choose a week to curate?
You can indicate on your application form and the admin will try to accommodate to your request.

OK, so I sent in my application but I haven’t received a reply…
Do give the admin some time to respond. The emails are definitely received and read. If you can’t wait, give @hellofrmsg and admin @cakesauce a shout out on Twitter!

I don’t know what to talk about!
You have more things to talk about than you think! Think about what you do in your daily life, your interests (which can be unique or interesting), the shows you like to watch, the places you frequent, the course of your work, your knowledge expertise… the list goes on!


What can I do on the @hellofrmsg account?
Feel free to begin discussions, retweet current affairs from news outlets, interact with followers/other rotation curators and participate in their discussions! At the end of your tweet week, remember to add your handle to the hellofrmsg curators t-list.

@hellofrmsg also has a small presence on Instagram so you should also log on and post photos there – it will be interesting to see the different daily lives of our various curators. Both the Twitter and Instagram accounts are linked.

What language/s can I use?
English is fine, Singlish also can lah. You also can have side discussions or reference materials in other languages.

How often do I have to tweet during my week?
We all have our real lives to live, so you are not expected to tweet 24/7. That said, try not to have an extended silence of more than a day. It may also be preferable to tweet for 4 blocks on 15 min during the day, than to tweet for 1 hr in the evening – in this way you will catch followers who are active at different times.

How am I expected to conduct discussions?
The guidelines are simple – be civil. Think of how you would talk to people you just met in real life. If you have a view on an issue, expound your view and give support to your views. Do accept that there will be viewpoints that are different from yours.

Do I have to adjust to local timezones if I am an overseas Singaporean?
Try your best to tweet at the timezones where people in your region and Singapore are awake, but you don’t have to sacrifice sleep if you are on the other side of the globe – you could catch the night owls in Singapore!


What can I gain out of this?
@HellofrmSG has a good following, so this will be a good opportunity to find people who share your interests or have meaningful discussions with a wide audience. Hopefully this will translate to more followers on your personal account and new perspectives on a range of issues!