Current/Incoming Curators

*This is an incomplete list of frequently asked questions for current or incoming curators. If you have further questions not in the FAQ, please buzz the admin @cakesauce!


When does my curation start?
The handover between curators is at 11pm on Saturday, but you don’t have to start tweeting till Sunday if you’re busy.

How can I get the log-in details for Twitter and Instagram?
The previous curator should give them to you as part of the handover. However, if they have said their farewells on the account but have yet to send the details to you, feel free to ask them as they may have forgotten! Of course, you can also get in touch with the admin @cakesauce too.

It’s past 11pm on Saturday but I haven’t heard from the previous curator…
The curator may have well have forgotten, so drop them a line to check if they’re ready to handover or wait till Sunday morning. If there’s still no news on Sunday, get in touch with @cakesauce.


What’s the first thing I should do when I sign in?
Add your handle to the account profile so people know who you are! Do also change the profile and header pictures to reflect your personality/interests. Nothing lewd or offensive, of course  🙂

Done that! Now what?
Feel free to begin discussions, interact with followers/other rotation curators and participate in their discussions!

Can I follow/unfollow any accounts? Can I block or mute accounts? 
Feel free to follow any interesting accounts when you’re curating, but do not unfollow any accounts. If a followed account appears to be spam or posts undesirable content, flag them to @cakesauce.

Please do not block any accounts while you are curating unless they are spam accounts. If an account is making you uncomfortable you could mute it but remember to unmute before you handover the account.

There are so many replies and notifications – do I have to reply to everything?
We would all love to reply to all interactions but it’s perfectly fine if you can’t keep up!

It’s a bit quiet on the account..
Don’t worry – the level of interaction can vary depending on the time of day or topic of discussion. You could try to do polls or start a discussion that more followers can relate to or get involved in, then reintroduce what you’d like to discuss once you have their attention.

I am getting notifications for a tweet I did not send. Why?

@cakesauce may occasionally send out admin tweets from the account during a curation, but these are kept to a minimum and will be preceded by [Admin] to be clear who it’s from. If you see a tweet you did not send that also lacks the [Admin] prefix, please let @cakesauce know immediately.


What can I do on the @hellofrmsg account?
Feel free to begin discussions, retweet current affairs from news outlets, interact with followers/other rotation curators and participate in their discussions! At the end of your tweet week, remember to add your handle to the hellofrmsg curators t-list.

@hellofrmsg also has a small presence on Instagram so you should also log on and post photos there – it will be interesting to see the different daily lives of our various curators. Both the Twitter and Instagram accounts are linked.

What language/s can I use?
English is fine, Singlish also can lah. You also can have side discussions or reference materials in other languages.

How often do I have to tweet during my week?
We all have our real lives to live, so you are not expected to tweet 24/7. That said, try not to have an extended silence of more than a day. It may also be preferable to tweet for 4 blocks on 15 min during the day, than to tweet for 1 hr in the evening – in this way you will catch followers who are active at different times.

How am I expected to conduct discussions?
The guidelines are simple – be civil. Think of how you would talk to people you just met in real life. If you have a view on an issue, expound your view and give support to your views. Do accept that there will be viewpoints that are different from yours.

Do I have to adjust to local timezones if I am an overseas Singaporean?
Try your best to tweet at the timezones where people in your region and Singapore are awake, but you don’t have to sacrifice sleep if you are on the other side of the globe – you could catch the night owls in Singapore!


It’s nearing the end of my curation – what do I have to do?
Remember to add your handle to the hellofrmsg curators t-list before you go, and send the next curator a DM with the log-in details for the Twitter and Instagram accounts. You may wish to say goodbye to the followers and introduce the incoming curator too!

If you enjoyed your time on the account, do encourage all the followers to sign up to curate too – @HellofrmSG is only successful because of each and everyone of you!