7 weeks later – the new chief on the blog

So it’s been 7 weeks since I took over from outgoing @hellofrmSG admin @kuekj at the start of October..

A lot has happened since then – including a new job, new house and new city – so it’s only now that I’m getting the chance to devote some time to our beloved #rocur account.

I got in touch with the curators  who came on the account since I took over to seek their feedback and suggestions, and hope to do this regularly so that @hellofrmSG will continue to grow into something bigger and better.

Thanks to their comments, baby steps include updating the existing FAQ list for potential curators and adding a new FAQ page for current and incoming curators. I hope these will address some of the queries and concerns that anyone may have about being a curator and encourage more people to sign up! It was a very rewarding week for me and I hope more will be able to try their hands at this experience too.

More improvements will be made further down the line – if you’ve any suggestions on how to make @hellofrmSG better, do comment below or drop me a line on twitter! All thoughts and comments are welcome 🙂

Thanks in advance!



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