A new look and a couple of new things.

Hello there!

A new theme — Sequential — has been adopted on this blog, to replace the Adelle theme that was in use for more than a year. (Now where’s the colour scheme controls?)

Secondly, an FAQ page has been added, addressing some of the questions that usually pop up from curators and people who are interested to curate. If you have other questions that are not addressed here, just send an email over to hellofrmsg[at]gmail.com.

In addition, you will have noticed a new Instagram feed in the sidebar (or at the end of the page for mobile viewers). This complementary Instagram page was created by a former curator more than two years ago, and has been revived recently. Many thanks to our returning curator this week @gweena for getting it restarted!

The bulk of the #rotationcuration action will still be on Twitter though, but curators in future will have an additional avenue to share visual content. (Besides, there are many #sgsnaps #sgfood #instasg #hellofrmsg #cantthinkofotherhashtags worthy places all around Singapore, so why not?)

Meanwhile, if you like to be part of the @hellofrmsg action in January 2016 and beyond (the remaining slots for 2015 have been filled up), do sign up!


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