@ClandestineYeo’s #RotationCuration Adventure

Sarach & Stefith


Before I get into today’s post…

Update #1: I’m done with the studying portion of my polytechnic life! Sarah’s heading back on campus in October for her time of mugging (fair is fair) but I’ll be starting on my internship in about a week. I’m terrified, but also really excited.

Update #2: I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! I took my second test in early August and did not expect to pass but I did. I was so thrilled, my hands were shaking when I saw my results. So I’ve been driving around with my dad and it’s been really exciting, but that’s for another post.

Back to the topic at hand- today, I’m talking about Rotation Curation.

First up: What is rotation curation? According to the almighty Wikipedia, “Rotation Curation, also #RotationCuration, is the concept of rotating the spokesperson on a broad scoped social media…

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