Overseas Singaporeans, you’re welcome!

Hello 2015!

January is soon coming to an end, and we will be welcoming February in a week or so. According to the National Environment Agency, the dry phase of the Northeast Monsoon has arrived earlier this year, but let’s hope we won’t have a driest February like last year. (and I digress…)

It’s good news that the new curator applications are slowly trickling in, and now we have filled up our slots for February and a bit of March. Keep the momentum going, and sign up if you are interested!

On another note, in November last year, I announced that overseas Singaporeans will also be allowed to curate @hellofrmsg, with some conditions. This is in response to a few followers, who mentioned that they are currently based overseas.

So yes, whether you are based in Singapore, or an overseas Singaporean with links back home, you are welcome! Awaiting your applications!


One thought on “Overseas Singaporeans, you’re welcome!

  1. Reblogged this on Bits and Bobs and commented:
    That’s me curating for a week in March – and I’m extremely excited about it!

    Not too early to start letting me know below what topics or issues you’d like me to tweet about on my watch 🙂

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