All I want for Christmas is you (as curator)!

Alright I admit, the home page here does look a bit “dead” after the last blog post in May.

However, if you have been checking the Curators in 2014 page, we have had a steady signing up of curators since then.. until recently.

At the moment, there are still gaps in the December slots, and I have not opened the 2015 list either.

I am always on the lookout for more people in Singapore to share about themselves, their lives, their interests, and their thoughts about what’s happening in Singapore.

Also, @hellofrmsg provides an opportunity for curators to learn from different perspectives and gain new followers/people to follow. (Hello, potential new friends!)

Some told me about their worry of lack of time – well, you don’t have to be tweeting 24/7! People understand if you have periods of “dead air” on the account, we all have our IRL matters to deal with.

Some told me about their lack of topics – don’t worry either! The topics will eventually pop up somehow, like what’s happening in the news, or from interactions from followers.

So don’t be shy, as long as you are based in Singapore, you’re welcome to sign up!

All I want for Christmas.. is you!

P.S. do give me a few days to a week or so to respond to you. If you can’t wait to be scheduled, just drop me a buzz on Twitter 🙂



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