Hello there!

One Twitter account. A different person from Singapore each week, every week.

Rotation curation projects started off with Sweden’s official twitter account (@sweden). Since then, similar accounts have blossomed for nations and cities all over the world.

This is Singapore’s version.

We want to show that Singapore is not just a place where chewing gum is banned and graffiti gets you caned. We want to tell stories of Singapore and Singaporeans; the lives those who live in Singapore, and of Singaporeans based overseas.

So join us. Talk to us. Curate with us. Madness? No. This is Singapore – hello from Singapore.



This week, (and last week!) on @hellofrmsg – curators #307 @MustShareNews and #308 @Ber_Narrrd!

We have had two very interesting accounts take over for the past two weeks, @MustShareNews  a local news provider for the young generation, and @Ber_Narrrd a passionate young badminton player with years of experience and dreams of being a medical student.

Here’s what they have to say:

A different, often humorous spin on news. We aim to make news more accessible, informative and easy to relate to. – @MustShareNews 


My journey as a NUS medicine student while representing the school as a professional badminton player…  I am tall dark and handsome. – @Ber_Narrrd

Diverse and informative weeks so far, and looking forward to many more in the future!

This week on @hellofrmsg – curator #306 @miraxpath !

Thank you @dpasg for that informative week, and we have had @miraxpath for an equally engaging time. Though @miraxpath did share that she’s,

A news junkie who has an unnatural appetite for politics. Likes discussing ideas rather than people. Hasn’t watched a single superhero movie since 1990.

she did end up sharing a lot more on being Singaporean, food, and making friends with our fellow neighbours. Round of applause!

Next week on @hellofrmsg – curator #305 @DPAsg !

This week, @DPAsg has reached out to curate! They are the Disabled People’s Association (DPA) Singapore, and of course, they would love to share about:

More about policies and initiatives in Singapore for persons with disabilities.

The account is managed by a representative who is looking forward to share more about their work and what they do.

Here’s to an informative and enlightening week!

Next week on @hellofrmSG – curator #304 @alexmaarcus

This coming week, an overseas Singaporean and one of my good friends (thank you for volunteering to do this), @alexmaarcus ! He’s in Australia at the moment and he’s loving it for all it’s similarities and differences to home, a short getaway from our red dot.

He has left it up to me to “accurately depict” what he might share in this coming week, but definitely a ton of good photos, quality memes, and random nonsense as he travels around.

Take it away!

This week on @hellofrmsg – curator #297 @TERUM0B !

@hellofrmsg update on a Tuesday? For shame! I’ll do better.

Anyway, this week is the bubbly @TERUM0B ! Thank you so much for being up to it. If you haven’t been checking @hellofrmsg OR following her account, you should do it RIGHT. NOW. She’s amazing.

And this was what she shared,

If they want to know about me I’d rather direct them to my art account, @cheekpeas!

Thanks @TERUM0B for that volume of information. But so far she’s been nothing short of interesting and funny! Do check out her art account!

Next week on @hellofrmSG – curator #295 @unikaurnz !

Hope everyone has learned some new insights into digital marketing by the wonderful @farahadr  . All proper influencers now!

Next week, we’ll be hearing from someone particularly amazing, @unikaurnz ,who tells us,

 I’m a student in NUS, love walking around SG to find historical places and study them. Also interested in the phenomenon in migration processes in SEA 😉

I’m sure she’ll be great. I’m excited!