Hello there!

One Twitter account. A different person from Singapore a week, every week.

Rotation curation projects started off with Sweden’s official twitter account (@sweden). Since then, similar accounts have blossomed for nations and cities all over the world.

This is Singapore’s version.

We want to show that Singapore is not just a place where chewing gum is banned and graffiti gets you caned. We want to tell stories of Singapore and Singaporeans, those who live in Singapore, and Singaporeans based overseas.

So join us. Talk to us. Curate with us. Madness? No. This is Singapore.


Thank you from outgoing admin @kuekj

It has been close to 2½ years (and more than 100 curators) since I took over as the third @hellofrmsg admin, and I announced in August that it’s time for me to move on.

And after speaking to a few tweeps that I had in mind, I have picked @ladystormhold (some may remember her as @starduest, our very first overseas Singaporean curator) as my successor.

I remembered that when I took over, we were at the cusp of welcoming our 100th curator (@Priscias) and we had a tweetup to celebrate #hellofrmsg100, and since then we have gone from strength to strength.

@hellofrmsg continued to welcome curators from all walks of life, each bringing with them their own unique experiences. My memorable ones include SEA Games rowing athlete Sayidah Aisyah (@aisyahgala) sharing her preparations for the Games from Australia, Tower Transit Operations Director Stuart Thomas (@stuartthomastt) giving behind-the-scenes as they prepare to take over their first Government bus contracting model package, academic librarian Edward Lim (@BarbarianEd), Channel NewsAsia newscaster Steve Lai (@stevelai), drones enthusiast Avarielle (@avarenity), travel blogger/entrepreneur Hendric Tay (@pohtecktoes)… the list just continues!

Some innovations were introduced along the way. Former curators were allowed to come back on board again once more since 2015 – their lives would have changed since they last curated, so it would always be good to hear from them again!

In the same year, Singaporeans based overseas were allowed to curate @hellofrmsg too – they bring on a different perspective of how they are living and working overseas in their host country/region, and their connections back home in Singapore.

2015 was a memorable year for @hellofrmsg too as we were a finalist of the 2015 omy Singapore Blog Awards, up against formidable competition such as our Prime Minister @leehsienloong. That alone is good enough as recognition for Singapore’s Twitter community (now if Twitter Support is listening, give us our blue tick please?)

Thank you SG Twitter community for the memories and support for the past 130-something weeks, and continue to give @ladystormhold support and input to make @hellofrmsg and the #rotationcuration movement even better for Singapore!

Signing out!


@hellofrmsg speaks to #ForSingapore

I recently had an interview with Jason, who writes for #ForSingapore, a site which features Singaporeans who do things for Singapore, on our @hellofrmsg efforts.

Q: What makes a good curator?

J: Oh wow. Future curators will be reading this!

Number 1: Don’t be shy. People are shy to step forward. They tell me, “I don’t have anything to share. At this stage I don’t have anything that’s outstanding.” Things that you think are banal could be new to others.

Second: Be willing to share your personal experiences, what you do. (of course to a limit that it doesn’t divulge your company secrets) Be willing to engage, talk to people, take part in conversations with other curator accounts even.

Third: If you have an opinion on a controversial topic, substantiate it. If it makes sense, go for it. Trust yourself. Keep the conversation going.

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Twitter Anonymous – @hellofrmSG Tweet-up!

Sarach & Stefith


Some time back, I blogged about my time curating the @hellofrmSG account on Twitter, and how much fun it was. I had a really good time, and it gave me something to do in-between studying for exams. (Yes, I curated during exam season. Hashtag YOLO, or something, but I did do well for my papers so that’s that).

Recently, I had the chance to meet up with some of these incredible people in real life, and it was blast.

So at Beerfest in Rochester Park on a Friday night, we held the @hellofrmSG Tweet-Up (because it was a Twitter Meet-up and…

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A new look and a couple of new things.

Hello there!

A new theme — Sequential — has been adopted on this blog, to replace the Adelle theme that was in use for more than a year. (Now where’s the colour scheme controls?)

Secondly, an FAQ page has been added, addressing some of the questions that usually pop up from curators and people who are interested to curate. If you have other questions that are not addressed here, just send an email over to hellofrmsg[at]gmail.com.

In addition, you will have noticed a new Instagram feed in the sidebar (or at the end of the page for mobile viewers). This complementary Instagram page was created by a former curator more than two years ago, and has been revived recently. Many thanks to our returning curator this week @gweena for getting it restarted!

The bulk of the #rotationcuration action will still be on Twitter though, but curators in future will have an additional avenue to share visual content. (Besides, there are many #sgsnaps #sgfood #instasg #hellofrmsg #cantthinkofotherhashtags worthy places all around Singapore, so why not?)

Meanwhile, if you like to be part of the @hellofrmsg action in January 2016 and beyond (the remaining slots for 2015 have been filled up), do sign up!

@ClandestineYeo’s #RotationCuration Adventure

Sarach & Stefith


Before I get into today’s post…

Update #1: I’m done with the studying portion of my polytechnic life! Sarah’s heading back on campus in October for her time of mugging (fair is fair) but I’ll be starting on my internship in about a week. I’m terrified, but also really excited.

Update #2: I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! I took my second test in early August and did not expect to pass but I did. I was so thrilled, my hands were shaking when I saw my results. So I’ve been driving around with my dad and it’s been really exciting, but that’s for another post.

Back to the topic at hand- today, I’m talking about Rotation Curation.

First up: What is rotation curation? According to the almighty Wikipedia, “Rotation Curation, also #RotationCuration, is the concept of rotating the spokesperson on a broad scoped social media…

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Excuse me, are you an #NDP2015 participant?

Singapore’s 50th National Day is happening in a month’s time!

If you are participating in this year’s National Day parade, and are an active Twitter user, we hope to have you on board @hellofrmsg for a week just before the parade.

Or if you know of a friend who is part of this year’s celebrations, do let them know and encourage them to take over our account!

Let followers of this rotation curation account, both Singaporeans and overseas, know about your feelings about the parade, behind the scenes, what do you look forward to in #SG50, and other things about yourself!

Whether you are in the parade contingent, in the show segment as a performer, or helping to ensure the entire parade goes smoothly, you’re welcome to sign up!