Hello there!

One Twitter account. A different person from Singapore each week, every week.

Rotation curation projects started off with Sweden’s official twitter account (@sweden). Since then, similar accounts have blossomed for nations and cities all over the world.

This is Singapore’s version.

We want to show that Singapore is not just a place where chewing gum is banned and graffiti gets you caned. We want to tell stories of Singapore and Singaporeans; the lives those who live in Singapore, and of Singaporeans based overseas.

So join us. Talk to us. Curate with us. Madness? No. This is Singapore – hello from Singapore.



This week on @hellofrmsg – curator #297 @TERUM0B !

@hellofrmsg update on a Tuesday? For shame! I’ll do better.

Anyway, this week is the bubbly @TERUM0B ! Thank you so much for being up to it. If you haven’t been checking @hellofrmsg OR following her account, you should do it RIGHT. NOW. She’s amazing.

And this was what she shared,

If they want to know about me I’d rather direct them to my art account, @cheekpeas!

Thanks @TERUM0B for that volume of information. But so far she’s been nothing short of interesting and funny! Do check out her art account!

Next week on @hellofrmSG – curator #295 @unikaurnz !

Hope everyone has learned some new insights into digital marketing by the wonderful @farahadr  . All proper influencers now!

Next week, we’ll be hearing from someone particularly amazing, @unikaurnz ,who tells us,

 I’m a student in NUS, love walking around SG to find historical places and study them. Also interested in the phenomenon in migration processes in SEA 😉

I’m sure she’ll be great. I’m excited!


Next week on @hellofrmSG – curator #293 @blvckwidxw !

Hope everyone is enjoying the engaging week by @qifa_nayyar !

Next week, we’ll be hearing about the lovely life of @blvckwidxw  who describes herself,

I’m an Outdoor Adventure Educator, I sing a little, I was born on Valentines Day!

Honored that she wants to curate even on her birthday, and I’m sure we’ll look forward to her songs and tales outdoors (I know I could use some outdoors myself)! 🙃

Stay tuned!

This week is everything new! New curator – #292, and a new admin @cakesauce taking over!

Hello hello hello, I’m @cakesauce, and I’ll be taking over the mantle from @ladystormhold who has done a fantastic job with the account thus far! I know I’ve said this over and over on Twitter, but many thanks to her and the tweeps who supported the move. I know it’s a slightly late start, it’s already -gasp- Tuesday but better late than ever!

Anyway, I don’t have anything drastic (or anything, really) in mind, and like I’ve mentioned if anyone has very flavorful ideas I’ll be open to it. I’m also adopting @ladystormhold‘s style and be rather hands off with the account itself and letting our curators do their thing. On my end, I’m trying my best in terms of outreach to get different kinds of twitter users, especially those that really aren’t in the @hellofrmsg following so to speak, to hopefully grow the account and inject a bit more flavor!

It’s Tuesday and I haven’t introduced our current curator who is doing an almighty great job so far, the effervescent @qifa_nayyar.

For those who don’t know, in his own words,

Qifa Nayyar (as his closest friends call him) is a simple yet extremely open-minded individual, who loves to listen to people’s views no matter how diverse they may be. He believes that the only way the world would change is when people actively listens out to one another, sharing concerns and triumphs, despite their differences. Listening is one thing and learning in adopt the views of others to create a better world is whole different ball game that even he has not yet figured out. Yet, he tries everyday, to make sense of this infinitely complicated world.

Other than the business end of Qifa Nayyar, he also enjoys anything that pleases his hunger for the aesthetic, and his appetite for the best donuts in town. He hopes that you would join in him in making his time as a curator as fruitful for everyone.


Do give him (and me, heh) your everlasting support!