Hello there!

One Twitter account. A different person from Singapore each week, every week.

Rotation curation projects started off with Sweden’s official twitter account (@sweden). Since then, similar accounts have blossomed for nations and cities all over the world.

This is Singapore’s version.

We want to show that Singapore is not just a place where chewing gum is banned and graffiti gets you caned. We want to tell stories of Singapore and Singaporeans; the lives those who live in Singapore, and of Singaporeans based overseas.

So join us. Talk to us. Curate with us. Madness? No. This is Singapore – hello from Singapore.


Next week on @hellofrmSG – curator #251 @SrimathiCeline

Next on @hellofrmSG is @SrimathiCeline, who made good on a promise a while back to host for a week! 

Here’s a bit more about herself as a taster:

I’m a single mom. I also care for elderly father, 2 cats and a dog. I was accused of being a rascist but don’t give a flying fuck. I’m very kiasu and drive myself crazy at times because of it. While at the other spectrum, I simply don’t care. Learning to find the middle ground. It’s a daily battle.

Next week on @hellofrmSG – curator #249 @cakesauce

The account nearly went dry again so I’m hugely relieved to be able to welcome @cakesauce who’s coming up on @hellofrmSG next week! He describes himself as: 

20. singaporean son serving his country outside his country. Loves animals, movies, and conversation. Can’t wait for school to start.

Also the brother of prata and cake-influencer @frhn, I’m certain there’ll be some heartwarming displays of brotherly love on Twitter as well. Stay tuned! 

Next week on @hellofrmSG – curator #248 @AudiKhalid

Coming up on @hellofrmSG is @AudiKhalid, who tweeted me to sign up whilst I was behind the Great Firewall. It was incredibly frustrating to have Twitter taunting me with an @ notification showing the first line of the tweet but with no means to read or respond!

While @AudiKhalid‘s Twitter account is usually “90% memes and shitposting, 10% half-baked rants”, he promises to share more about photography during his curation so give it up for an interesting week!


Next week on @hellofrmSG – curator #247 @sunflowerscent

Our next curator is @sunflowerscent, who also came forward the other week to answer the clarion call to host @hellofrmSG.

A neurosurgeon wannabe and life sciences undergraduate, @sunflowerscent has this to say:

I really want to advocate for brain cancer and brain tumour patients, me being a brain tumor patient myself. Also, to talk about neuroscience research and support groups for brain cancer/tumor patients in Singapore. And I have a dog. :p

A big welcome to @sunflowerscent and stay tuned for more!

Next week on @hellofrmSG – curator #246 @salleh_nadiah

First of all, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who responded to the call for more curators for @hellofrmSG, be it by signing up or spreading the word. Your support is critical to the continued success of @hellofrmSG and is very much appreciated!

One of the people who answered this call for help is our next curator, @salleh_nadiah, who came recommended by @Hopeily. Nadiah is a nurse and has this to share:

Being a nurse is more than you see on television. We are as normal as anyone but maybe a little weird in thinking.

Our SG Twittersphere is hardly conventional either, so let’s see how weird things get!