Excuse me, are you an #NDP2015 participant?

Singapore’s 50th National Day is happening in a month’s time!

If you are participating in this year’s National Day parade, and are an active Twitter user, we hope to have you on board @hellofrmsg for a week just before the parade.

Or if you know of a friend who is part of this year’s celebrations, do let them know and encourage them to take over our account!

Let followers of this rotation curation account, both Singaporeans and overseas, know about your feelings about the parade, behind the scenes, what do you look forward to in #SG50, and other things about yourself!

Whether you are in the parade contingent, in the show segment as a performer, or helping to ensure the entire parade goes smoothly, you’re welcome to sign up!

@hellofrmsg is a finalist for #OMYSBA2015!

In case you haven’t heard: @hellofrmsg is a finalist in Omy Singapore Blog Awards 2015!

This is the first time @hellofrmsg is nominated in the Favourite Twitter Influencer category, and our fellow top 10 finalists are big names in their own right. They include our Prime Minister @leehsienloong, Singapore’s blogfather @mrbrown and two-time award winner @spinorbinmusic.

As admin, I’m thankful that we are shortlisted and nominated. The contributions from all the curators to @hellofrmsg count too!

(On a side note, our former curators @jac_theocctrav and @smithankyou are also nominated in other categories! Jaclynn is in the Favourite Top 10 and Best Travel Blog categories, and Smith is in the Best Individual Blog category.)


Give us your vote!

If you like what our curators have been sharing on @hellofrmsg, give us your vote! The voting process is currently ongoing and will run till 6 July, 3pm. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Head to the Favourite Twitter Influencer page and click on the pink “Vote Now” button.
  2. Login with, or create an SPH account.
  3. Click on the TweetSG image.

You can vote once every day, so lend us your support!


Be a curator!

And of course, if you are based in Singapore, or if you an overseas Singaporean, sign up to be a curator on @hellofrmsg!

Overseas Singaporeans, you’re welcome!

Hello 2015!

January is soon coming to an end, and we will be welcoming February in a week or so. According to the National Environment Agency, the dry phase of the Northeast Monsoon has arrived earlier this year, but let’s hope we won’t have a driest February like last year. (and I digress…)

It’s good news that the new curator applications are slowly trickling in, and now we have filled up our slots for February and a bit of March. Keep the momentum going, and sign up if you are interested!

On another note, in November last year, I announced that overseas Singaporeans will also be allowed to curate @hellofrmsg, with some conditions. This is in response to a few followers, who mentioned that they are currently based overseas.

So yes, whether you are based in Singapore, or an overseas Singaporean with links back home, you are welcome! Awaiting your applications!

All I want for Christmas is you (as curator)!

Alright I admit, the home page here does look a bit “dead” after the last blog post in May.

However, if you have been checking the Curators in 2014 page, we have had a steady signing up of curators since then.. until recently.

At the moment, there are still gaps in the December slots, and I have not opened the 2015 list either.

I am always on the lookout for more people in Singapore to share about themselves, their lives, their interests, and their thoughts about what’s happening in Singapore.

Also, @hellofrmsg provides an opportunity for curators to learn from different perspectives and gain new followers/people to follow. (Hello, potential new friends!)

Some told me about their worry of lack of time – well, you don’t have to be tweeting 24/7! People understand if you have periods of “dead air” on the account, we all have our IRL matters to deal with.

Some told me about their lack of topics – don’t worry either! The topics will eventually pop up somehow, like what’s happening in the news, or from interactions from followers.

So don’t be shy, as long as you are based in Singapore, you’re welcome to sign up!

All I want for Christmas.. is you!

P.S. do give me a few days to a week or so to respond to you. If you can’t wait to be scheduled, just drop me a buzz on Twitter :)


Time for a Tweetup?

Hello @hellofrmsg followers, and welcome if you’re passing by from the interwebz!

Some updates: the 100th curator, for the first week of June 2014, has been found! Of course, if you think you (or your friend) fit the bill and you are from/in Singapore, do send in your application to be a curator!

Meanwhile, I popped this question on Twitter a couple of days ago:

After all, the last time @hellofrmsg curators and followers last had a tweetup was really very, very long ago, on St Patrick’s Day last year:

And there was one in January 2013 which featured smartphone-whack-a-mole:

So, shall we have a Tweetup in early June, as we celebrate 100? Any suggestions for places? Let me know!