Time for a Tweetup?

Hello @hellofrmsg followers, and welcome if you’re passing by from the interwebz!

Some updates: the 100th curator, for the first week of June 2014, has been found! Of course, if you think you (or your friend) fit the bill and you are from/in Singapore, do send in your application to be a curator!

Meanwhile, I popped this question on Twitter a couple of days ago:

After all, the last time @hellofrmsg curators and followers last had a tweetup was really very, very long ago, on St Patrick’s Day last year:

And there was one in January 2013 which featured smartphone-whack-a-mole:

So, shall we have a Tweetup in early June, as we celebrate 100? Any suggestions for places? Let me know!


Be our 100th curator!

[Update, May 1st, 2014 at 11:59pm SGT: The 100th curator has been found! Curators are still needed for future weeks, sign up now!]

Hello there!

This is Jinhua (@kuekj), and I am taking over the admin role of @hellofrmsg from Farhan (@frhn). He has done a great job managing this #RotationCuration (#RoCur) account since March 2013.

Rotation curation projects began with Sweden’s official Twitter account (@sweden) and similar accounts have been opened by other countries, states, communities and companies. Singapore’s account, @hellofrmsg, was started in July 2012 by Kirsten (@kixes) and June (@MizHalle), and more than 75,400 tweets have been sent out as I write this post.

Since taking over, I have created the list of former curators (credits to @PeopleofNZ for the inspiration), separated by years. A sample of their tweets are also found next to their handles. I have also relocated the defunct @hellofrmsg Tumblr here, as Tumblr does not play well with tables.

We will soon welcome our 100th curator during the week of June 1–June 7 this year, but we are still looking for someone based in Singapore to be the one.

You don’t have to be a celebrity or personality—just be willing to share your thoughts, communicate with followers and be able to defend your opinion. As we say in Singlish, mai pai seh!

If you are interested, or if you know someone who fits the bill, head over to the sign up form!

(P.S. Curators are also wanted beyond June 7, 2014!)

Hello there!

One Twitter account. A different person living in Singapore a week, every week.

Rotation curation projects started off with Sweden’s official twitter account (@sweden). Since then, similar accounts have blossomed for nations and cities all over the world, from Mexico to Russia to London.

This is Singapore’s version.

We want to show that Singapore is not just a place where chewing gum is banned and graffiti gets you caned. We are so much more than Disneyland with the death penalty. We want to tell stories of Singapore and Singaporeans and those who live in Singapore.

So join us. Talk to us. Curate with us. Madness? No. This is Singapore.